Monday, October 27, 2014

What I'm Working On...

Good evening ladies and gentleman, and welcome to yet another riveting installment of... "What I'm Working On!" 

Okay, okay, I am very aware that I am a dork. But I'm having fun and that's partially what this is all about, right? 

So I decided over the very short weekend that I wanted to make this post a reoccurring one. I can't always have a brand new project... Because honestly, nine times out of ten I have three or more projects that I'm working on and none of them are finished. That or I had military weekend and therefore have worked 12 days straight with no day off and I'm too dang tired to write complicated content. Just being honest. I seriously have no idea how people blog daily and hold down a full time jobs. (I swear they are superheroes in hiding) 

So over the weekend I managed to get a lot of stuff done. Well honestly.... I managed to START a lot of things. I believe I started about four separate projects and I think I accomplished finishing only one. (The only reason as to why it got finished... I dragged my husband into basically doing it for me. It's the way of the world.)

Pictured: My poor husband, getting roped into hanging curtains yet again. 

P.S. My husband specifically asked me not to take any pictures of him when he was doing this... but I just couldn't resist. 

Ahem. But yeah, back to the curtains...

Those curtains have been sitting on that hutch since we moved back to this house in early August. They were unceremoniously dumped there when I found another set of curtains that I fell in love with for the master bedroom. More on that extended project a little later. 

But here is what the curtains ended up looking like after my wonderful husband put them up for me. I really thought that I was going to love the whole "puddled look" but honestly... I'm not feeling it. But I don't have the heart to tell my husband that I want to move them. He would probably kill me honestly. He even said when we were putting them up that they should go higher. Plus... My father in law would kill me if I moved them and put another four holes in the wall for the curtains. (P.s. This is my father in laws house. My husband and I live here and pay rent for the house while his dad lives in another house in California.) 

But onto another project... 

So as well as the curtains in the formal dining room, I was also working on decorating the master bedroom. This weekend I finally found some lamps that matched with what I'm going for now. I've been searching for reasonably priced ones that fit what I was trying to accomplish for about two months. TWO MONTHS. I finally found these well-priced beauties at Ross. They were $20 a piece, which is still expensive in my mind... but they were far better than the $50-$80 ones that I kept falling in love with. Considering I could look at the price tag without feeling sick... they were worth it. But the bedroom is most certainly a work in progress, and will likely be the focal point of a post (or five.) 

But as of right now our room looks like this. New lamps included. My husband does not understand decorating... And therefore did not understand why the old black mirror lamps didn't work anymore. They will have to be redistributed to another room because they aren't working with the new color pallet. But more on all that later. 

Over the weekend I started another DIY, but I didn't really take enough pictures of it... So I'm not quite ready to give a full post on it. But here's the end result.

I'm super happy with out it turned out, and I'm currently resisting going to the craft store and spending extensive amounts of money so I can make more. Especially because each one only takes about 20 minutes and a sewing machine to make. 

P.S. Sorry about the crappy pictures y'all... I'm just using my cell phone right now because it is all that I have. Hopefully this will be changing sometime close to this holiday season... and my birthday. *Hint Hint*

Something very important to me is Christmas. It has always been my favorite part of the year. It's the one time where family and friends come together and cherish each other. On top of that I am the type of person who absolutely loves gift giving. So another thing I've been working on over the last few weeks is Christmas. Yes, I just said that I have been working on Christmas for the last few weeks. Yes, I am aware that I am crazy. Also I am aware that it is still October. I started in September if I'm going to be completely honest. But seriously guys I'm almost entirely done shopping. The only stuff that I am still working on is the presents that I am DIYing. So I'm already wrapping, packing and waiting for the last few online purchases to meander their way into the mailbox for me to wrap.

So... among all of these thins I was doing over the weekend... I also went dollar bin diving at Target I love their dollar spot! Seriously those two little aisles are where I obtain about 90% of my stocking stuffers. Every Year. Seriously. I've found that the best way to get the best things is to go back every week and check what they have. I score some pretty awesome stuff there. Although I have to admit this has been one of their best years in a long time.

But other than all of the above, over the weekend I had breakfast with my mother in law and her boyfriend, caught up on a couple of shows I have been watching...(Sherlock, revenge, how to get away with murder etc. ) I broke my phone charging cord and had to Amazon buy myself a new one with my Prime two day shipping, and finally... My husband and I went shopping at Costco. So many samples were eaten that day. Sooo many. 

How did you guys spend last weekend?

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  1. You are hilariously entertaining. I love your blog ... You are delightful and refreshing.. Can't wait to see what comes next!