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An Ode To Sasha: Quilters Paradise
An Ode to Sasha: Quilters Paradise

One of my most favorite things to do in life is sewing. I learned when I was quite young. My mom taught me how to hand sew by making sewing around the edges of a small circular piece of fabric, and then pulling it tight. It ended up making little flowers which she then embellished a school book bag for me with. Eventually she taught me how to use a machine, and to make projects with that. Then I took a sewing class in high school, and I got a bit better with garment making. Eventually, I also ended up taking a sewing class in college. although I never owned one of my own until I was 20. I have always found it quite relaxing. Due to my sewing machines recent downfall I have been feeling nostalgic over it, and have been remembering all of the projects that I made with it.

P.s. If you weren't already aware, Sasha is my name for my sewing machine that recently died. Yes, I named my sewing machine. Yes, I'm aware that I'm a bit weird. It's okay, All the good ones are.
Most recently it was this quilt that I made for my friends baby shower. It had a Minnie Mouse theme, but then again her entire life may very well be Minnie Mouse themed. I am big on hand-making gifts because they are so very much more special. So I decided to make her this appliqué quilt. I hand embroidered the name into it. Oh man, my fingers hurt so bad after that. But it was so worth it. It turned out absolutely gorgeous. It only took a few days to finish, the part that took the longest was embroidery.

(This is the close up of the embroidery while it was still in the hoop.)
www.savvysydney.comwww.savvysydney.comWhen I quilted the backside I decided to quilt around the Minnie so that it would show on the other side as well.

(This is the reverse side of the quilt.)

Another one I made fairly recently is my husbands Marvel quilt. I started to make it shortly after I finished my own quilt. I started it to give it to my husband as a birthday present... but it ended up being more of a "4 months before your birthday" present. Eh, close enough right? I figured that a "hero" theme would be befitting a comic book quilt. That, and I had also just recently gotten my husband a new wedding ring a few months prior, and I had the inside of it engraved with almost the same wording. It was also befitting of the ring because I got my husband a gold and black Zelda themed ring; which went along with the Valentines day present I had made him. I like to tie all of the gifts I get into a little theme.. and that year I nailed it.

That... and my husband is a ginormous nerd, so it isn't particularly hard to think of a theme that suits him.

Although ironically my husband also bought me a new wedding ring too, and it happened to be gold and black as well. Herein lies the proof, that great minds think alike.
This quilt was actually the very first project that I made with my sewing machine. It also is the one that took the longest to finish. I started it just before I joined the military. I started sewing it by hand because I didn't have a machine. But then a friend of mine got one for me for as a Birthday/Christmas gift.

Now usually my biggest pet peeve on the face of the planet is "Birth-me-Christmas" gifts. Seriously y'all, they drive me insane. I can't even begin to explain how many times I have heard... "Well your birthday is so close to Christmas so I just got you one big birthday/Christmas present." The phenomenon happens to absolutely no one else... Being born in December  always gets you cheated out of gifts. That's all I'm saying. That... and the fact that it should be a CRIME to have a birthday present wrapped in Christmas paper. Don't do it guys... Just don't do it. Ever. The entire December/January born populace will thank you. 

(But yeah, back to my other train of thought. I'm easily side-tracked y'all. My apologies.) But for this one occasion... I wasn't upset about it at all. My sewing machine was essentially one of the best gifts I had ever gotten.

All of the quilts I have ever made, I have never once bought a pattern. I've always just drawn it out, decided how big I wanted it, and then did the math. I have made a grand total of four quilts in my lifetime. I don't have a picture of the very first one I ever made, I made it and gave it away as a Christmas present. But from what I've heard... It's still quite nice. I started and finished that one in ten days, while I had been in Texas visiting my mom and dad. The fastest I have ever made a quilt. Ironically so, considering it was my first, and the second one I made was the one that took me the longest. But that was also because I hand quilted the entire thing, and also wasn't able to work on it for almost a year while I was gone for training in the military.

Well, I do believe that my Ode to Sasha is complete. Farewell brave soul, you shall be missed. Sorry guys, I'm a bit dramatic... Can you really blame me?

So, those are my quilts that I have made. Do any of you have any quilts that you want to share?

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