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First off welcome to SavvySydney!

This is my little blog where I get to vent out all of my crafting, designing, and decorating ideas and projects. I created this blog because I have had so many instances where I created something and I wanted to share it with more than just my mom and close friends. There have been so many times where I thought "I should post this to Pinterest" and never did. I wanted more than just a picture to post. I wanted to explain it and share it so others could recreate it if they wanted. So essentially I guess I made this to share my ideas, crafts and if were gonna be honest here (we are!) probably a whole lot of my failed attempts at making something go the way I want it to.

So... About Me.

My name is Sydney, and I am an avid reader, crafter, and writer. I grew up in many towns throughout California. I was a foster kid for most of my life, so I have bounced between families, houses, friends, schools, etc for the majority of my life. There are many people who raised me, but only a select few do I consider family. The person I consider my mother is also a very crafty type person, and she is the person who brought it out in me. She is a fantastic woman. You can expect to see her in a post or writing a post here every once in a while. She is fantastic at crafts... but terrible with computers. Alas, one person cannot be great at everything. 

 I am married to a wonderful man who makes me smile, laugh and overall just makes me a better person. Were complete geeks, quite goofy, and we met in the military. We both went to basic at the same time, ended up with the same job, on the same base, in the same unit, and working under the same head supervisor. We are both airplane mechanics. (Yes, I did just say aircraft mechanics) We work on very large planes. It's fun, but it is a part time endeavor.

P.S. Please ignore my SUPER out of regs hair. 
In 2013 we got married... in a hot air balloon (Yes, I did just say that I got married in a hot air balloon!) It was absolutely fantastic. Although I accidentally gave him a small black eye the night before the wedding, slept through all 3 separate alarms on the day of the wedding, only woke up because my soon to be father in law banged on the door 20 minutes before we were actually supposed to be arriving at the venue... which was 40 minutes away, we didn't get to take showers or even brush our teeth, and I did my own hair and makeup as my husband was driving over 80+ mph so that we would get there in time. It was a heck of a ride, and every second was worth it. 

I have amazing friends who have helped me get to where I am in life. In fact, I wouldn't have even joined the military or met my husband if it wasn't for them. They are sisters, and have been my best friends since circa 2005. They are absolutely amazing people and they have always treated me like family. Especially when I felt like I didn't have one.

So that is a little about me. I truly hope that you enjoy my blog! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask. I would love to hear from you!

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